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Seasonal Spa Services Mandeville | Covington

Step into Spring at The Oasis Day Spa!
Mandeville, Covington
Best Day Spa on the NorthShore!

Ponchatoula Strawberry Smash Pedicure

Enjoy an early spring favorite - A Strawberry Festival for your feet! Sink your heels into a frothy, strawberry milk soak, followed by a sweet cream sugar scrub to the calves and feet. Next, feet and toes are painted with a velvety whip of berry-infused yogurt to pu- rify and hydrate your skin. Finish the experience with a generous helping of fresh strawberry fruit cells and whipped shea butter for a vitamin packed massage that will top off your fabulous day.

Duration : 50-60 min. Price : 55.00

Bee Pampered Pedicure

"Bee a Queen" with this pedicure as you infuse your senses with a warm frothy milk and honey foot soak followed by a fresh whipped honey scrub to exfoliate your legs and feet. Your legs and feet are then glazed with warm honey, papaya, and pineapple fruit cells before they are dipped into paraffin for the ultimate soft- ness and hydration. Complete your journey to relaxation with a honey and soy milk lotion massage from your knees to the tips of your toes. You deserve it - so go on "honey bee" pampered.

Duration : 65-75 min. Price : 65.00

Citrus Honey Blossom Pedicure

Relax and renew your legs and feet with the essence of spring! Let yourself be carried away by the crisp aromas of a spring renewal while a warm citrus infused milk bath melts away the worries of winter from your legs and feet. Next, a lemongrass sugar scrub will remove the dry winter dullness your skin and clear the way for total rejuvenation. Enjoy a warm infusion of honey, papaya, and pineapple fruit cells wrapped around your legs and feet in a cocoon of fresh hot towels. Last, but not least, your legs and feet will be drenched in the natural fruity goodness of honeysuckle-blood orange custard that is packed with live fruit cells for maximum hydration.
Duration : 50-60 min. Price : 55.00

Cupid Doll Pedicure

Reign in love and help Cupid with his aim as your feet plunge into an inviting, frothy butter brulee foot soak!! Winter skin is exfoliated as spicy notes of cinnamon warm and invigorate as your skin is prepared for hydration. Love is in the air as a warm chocolate truffle serum is delicately drizzled over your calves and feet. Warm steam towels hug your legs to allow maximum immersion of the vitamin-intense serum. Cupid’s match is made as velvety buttercream scented shea butter moisturizer is massaged into your calves and feet.

Duration : 50-60 min. Price : 55.00

Red Velvet Body Buff

A sweet-cinnamon scent fills the room, as you’re gently exfoliated with a “cinnamon candy” sugar scrub that is filled with a rich blend of hydrating oils and a hint of fresh cinnamon. Next, you’ll be cocooned in a warm chocolate truffle serum that’s loaded with nourishing vitamins and minerals for ultimate hydration. After your skin has been gently polished to a smooth glow, enjoy a final touch of pampering as white velvet buttercream is lightly massaged into your body. Ahhh....all the indulgence, zero the calories!!

Duration : 50-60 min. Price : 88.00

Oasis Pedi Gras King Cake Pedicure

Parade your way into spring with our "KIng Cake" pedicure. Relax and soften your weary carnival feet with a warm butter brulee milk soak. Next, second line to rejuvenation with our Burbon Bubbler Scrub made with brown sugar and bourbon. Keep the good times rolling with a warm caramel drizzle wrapped in hot towels around your legs and feet. The icing on this king cake is a sweet caramel body milk massage that leaves your legs and feet soft and hydrated. Let this be your "Royal" treatment!
Duration : 50-60 min. Price : 55.00

All prices may vary based on hair density.
All Massages are also available to men.

* All seasonal manicures and pedicures include complete pampering to your nails and cuticles, leg & foot massage and your choice of professional polish. Enjoy!!!
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