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Seasonal Spa Services Mandeville | Covington

Enjoy Your Very Own Summer Stay-cation!!
At the Oasis Day Spa
Mandeville • Covington
Best Day Spa on the NorthShore!

Bahama Mamma Pedicure

Treat your feet to a private island getaway at The Oasis! Island time begins with a citrus infused foot soak and a citrus melon martini scrub. Your nails and skin will be pampered and buffed, getting you ready for your tropical summer stay-cation. A final treat before departure, you will enjoy a mango-melon shea butter leg and foot massage! Grab your flip flops and let the stay-cation begin

Duration : 45-55 min. Price : 55.00

Hawaiian Luau Pedicure

Say "Aloha" to your daily stresses as you arrive at your Hawai- ian staycation. Start off with a soak in a frothy pineapple- coconut milk foot bath. Next your legs and feet will be buffed with a creamy coconut scrub to smooth away dry skin. Enjoy a hot stone massage with a coconut melon hydrating lotion that will leave you smooth as silk. Bring on the flip flops and hula skirts!!

Duration : 45-55 min. Price : 55.00

St. Tropez (Take Me Away) Pedicure

Enjoyment begins as your feet soak in a frothy, milk foot bath, the aromas of honey and lavender take you away to a yacht anchored off the coast of France. First, your nails and feet will be pampered to perfection. Next, you will enjoy the healing properties of lavender infused with honey as this freshly whipped sugar scrub exfoliates your legs to a dream. The day dream continues as a drizzle of vitamin packed honey masque cocoons your legs in hydration for ultimate softness. For the finale your legs and feet will receive a rich and hydrating lavender infused massage, and a dip into paraffin. Ooh la la Bliss!!

Duration : 60-75 min. Price : 70.00

Tahitian Holiday Pedicure

Imagine a steamy natural hot springs surrounded by blooming flowers as you soak in a warm nectar foot bath. While your nails receive pampering, you will sense hints of spicy ginger in a brown sugar scrub. This is followed by a sweetly scented vanilla and jasmine leg and foot massage. Finally, immerse your toes in vanilla paraffin and just say "Ahhh!"

Duration : 55-65 min. Price : 65.00

Beach Ready Body Buff

Get prepped, primed and pretty for the ultimate sunbathing vacation with the Beach Ready Body Buff! First smooth away all your dry, rough skin with a refreshing citrus-grass body scrub. Next, you will be lightly massaged with an invigorating nectar-infused body oil. While cocooned in warm blankets, you will enjoy a therapeutic scalp massage. Rinse away your winter dullness under a warm waterfall and your summer-ready, radiant skin will drink up a vitamin E packed mango-melon shea butter. Everybody head for the beach!

Duration : 60 min. Price : 88.00



All prices may vary based on hair density.
All Massages are also available to men.

* All seasonal manicures and pedicures include complete pampering to your nails and cuticles, leg & foot massage and your choice of professional polish. Enjoy!!!
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